Saturday, 9 December 2017

Fun Days and Farewell

Room 5 had a great time at our Huff and Puff as well as the Fun Day the following Tuesday. The children did well running around the track. All our practising was well rewarded!

We  had sack, water and moon hopper races, balloon badminton and we also made bubbles during Fun Day. In class, we made stars to hang on our Christmas tree and everyone enjoyed the yummy shared lunch. Thank you for supporting these events. Everyone had fun at the swimming pool too.

Finally, thank you for all your support this year. Your children were a delight to teach and I have enjoyed this year very much. Please continue to read with them over the summer break and take some time to do some number counting as well.
I trust you will have a safe summer and look forward to seeing everyone around school next year! 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Maths and End of Year activities

This week I thought I would just share with you how I structure a maths session. The children are in groups and work at a different activity, usually for half of the lesson time and then they swap over to another activity.

One group spends time with the teacher. 

One group works on independent maths games.

One group works on a maths sheet.

One group uses the mathletics programme.

This is the last week that home readers will be given out. 
All readers and word cards will be collected on Thursday so that we can stocktake. Please continue to return any extra books that you might have at home. 
All library books also need to be back by Thursday. Thank you.

We have Huff N Puff on Thursday afternoon at 2pm. You are welcome to come and join us. We also have ROC day on Friday. Children will be outside on both of these days so please ensure they are wearing running shoes and are wearing summer uniform items only. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

ESOL activities

Some children in Room 5 attend the ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) classes on a regular basis. They also have been working on this term's theme of Working Together and Team Work during their lessons. Emma and Maxwell created a bird's nest using material found in the school's bush and fields.

We have been using the iPad's to learn how to take photos of our work, draw and record our voices on an app.
We drew a picture about our big book of the week called "The swamp eggs".

We took a picture of our best pattern and then wrote down the letter pattern as well.

Mr Nelson Funari-Roche had been teaching in Room Five this week. He will be with us for two more weeks.

Words for the week:Quick, quill, quilt, thing, thumb, bath, ship, shine, sheep, change, chocolate, check.

Sounds for the week: qu, th, sh, ch

Please check all your cupboards and rooms for extra home readers and word cards that can be returned. Thank you.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sun Shelters

This week we turned our pom-poms into people called Pomperlets. 

 Then we made sun shelters for them so they wouldn't get burnt. We worked co-operatively to help each other to build them.  Great job Room 5!

Words for the week: With, there, belong,your

Sounds for the week: th, ng, ar, or

Saturday, 28 October 2017


In writing and reading time we have been looking at procedural or instructional writing. During writing we have written about How to Brush our Teeth and in reading our big book has been about How to make Pom-poms.  
I was very proud of the children on how they worked together in pairs to make their own pom-poms on Thursday and Friday. 
We will be using these pom-poms to help us further in our inquiry about team work. Watch this space for further developments!

Room 5 is working together

Words for the week : think, with, share, lunch
Sounds for the week: th, sh, ch, qu

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Team building

Welcome back to Term 4!  I hope you had a restful family holiday.

This term are main focus will be on Working Together as a Team.  We have started to think about what a team is and why we need teams. We have thought about the sports teams we know and the teams we have at school.  Please talk to your child about how your family is a team and that you all work together to get jobs done during the week. There may be teams your family are a part of such as swimming, ballet, girl guides, church, among others.

Room 5 is a team

Running together as a team

Next week, Sunnybrae school presents the ART Exhibition.  A piece of your child's art work will be displayed in the hall on Wednesday's and Thursday's to 6pm. Room 5 worked together to paint a cow collaboratively as well.  Come along and celebrate with them their creative talent!  
See the animal farmyard at the Exhibition

Words for the week are: made, like, home, five
Sounds for the week: bossy e, long y, or, al

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Ambury Farm Trip

The weather was amazing, the sky blue and all the children were fantastic representatives of Sunnybrae Normal School on our trip to Ambury Farm on Tuesday. We learnt about how to milk cows, shear the dags off sheep, feed and learn about the animals at the farm.

Words for next week: like, get, baby, now

Sounds for the week: digraphs